Top candidates for top companies

Guido Lysk Karriere- und Managementberatungs GmbH is a Hamburg-based recruitment consultant agency that finds the best candidates for projects on behalf of the client very successfully. As an expert in executive searches, Guido Lysk focusses on long-term placements of executives and specialists in large companies and groups.

Besides an excellent knowledge of the market, an important factor of success is multi-perspective profiling, a special analysis process which is an integral part of every assignment.

This involves a 360° view of all requirements and conditions of respective candidates as well as vacant positions, and also includes accurate screening of the professional environment.

When looking to fill a position, CAPTain tools, a requirements specification and consideration of professional motives make it virtually impossible to hire the wrong person. The entire search process has a high level of transparency.

Indeed, there is a strong likelihood of filling the position with the perfect candidate who is looking to remain at the company in the long term.